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The luxurious day with luxury wedding car

For all of us from Fráňa Auto Transport Ltd., it will be a great honour and pleasure to take part in this day by arranging a wedding car exactly to your wishes. The bride chooses her own wedding car according to her feelings and experience; the groom arrives in his own, say more masculine and robust, car. Both cars will have one thing in common: the greatest possible level of luxury and comfort. Your drivers, who will take you from your home to the altar, will also be dressed adequately for this gorgeous day. If you wish, we will decorate both cars festively, tastefully and luxuriously, of course free of charge. Since we keep in mind that this is your most important day, we will be happy if you accept a small wedding gift from us to go with the wedding car.


Want a wedding car for your guests? Of course!

For you to enjoy this special day without worry and fuss, we will also take care of your relatives and other wedding guests. Whether they decide to go home or to a hotel, our elegantly dressed drivers with a minivan or a bus will be ready at their disposal to take them any time anywhere. No delays, no worries, and with the utmost comfort. It will be a simply perfect day!