Passenger transport
in luxury and comfort

Passenger transport anywhere, anytime

Our experienced drivers drive you safely anywhere and anytime you wish. We ensure passenger transport to important meetings, trainings, and teambuilding sessions or to an airport. We drive your family, your employees or customers, not only around the Czech Republic or Slovakia but also to Austria, Germany or Poland. If you travel with a family, we provide children safety seats for little passengers in all sizes.


You will not be embarrassed with us

All drivers of the Fráňa Car Transport are always formally dressed up and ready to fulfill your requirements. The knowledge of English language is a must; therefore there are no worries about not understanding you international guests. From our fleet, you can choose a vehicle according to your expectations, from mid-size vehicles to minivans or a bus. We have our own car wash boxes for manual wash; therefore the vehicles are always clean and ready to represent you.


Safety and comfort on the first place

You can travel with us without any worries! We take a perfect care of all our vehicles in our own car service center. We always have our vehicles under control and in perfect technical condition. Our aim is to keep the high standard, therefore our vehicles does not have just the "basic equipment" but they are equipped with many passive and active safety items. Due to the heated and ventilated seats, window blinds, air-conditioning and many more, you always travel comfortable and in luxury. Your drive is more convenient because we offer USB and Wi-Fi connection or a DVD player while travelling.